Interesting Facts about Sandbridge

Sandbridge was created in the 1950’s as a Vacation Resort Community, not as a typical Residential Area. We have everything from an RV Park on Agricultural zoned land to multi-story condos built on B-4 zoned land, which is the most intense business zoning available.

Of the approximately 1,600 residences in Sandbridge today, over 50% are Vacation Rentals and the shoulder seasons that generally favor 3 day rentals make up 10% of rentals. Approximately 17,000 rentals occurred in Sandbridge in 2016.

Gross Rental proceeds are approximately $80 million a year from Sandbridge alone.

Sandbridge contributes approximately $3 million a year to the city from lodging tax.

We are NOT a private community! We openly welcome visitors from other parts of Virginia Beach, other cities, other states and even other countries to share in our natural beauty.

The local realty companies spend approximately $8 million a year with local vendors just to maintain the rental houses. This does not include the millions of dollars spent by homeowners each year to improve their homes.

Small business contribute to the Meals & Sales Tax. Just one business collects over $100,000 a year for the City and state. A vast majority of this tax revenue comes from vacationers.

In 1998 the real estate value of Sandbridge was $200 million. In 2016 it is $1 billion. This 5 fold increase and is due to the strength of the vacation market.